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HOPE’s mission is to deliver recovery-based community services using empathy from our own experience to ensure every individual achieves the most fulfilling life possible.


HOPE’s vision is to create an environment that empowers Members to make their own choices about their recovery journey. To achieve this vision, the creation of HOPE’s dynamic environment is based on the following:

  • Peer and Family Member feedback
  • Member resiliency
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Health and wellness initiatives that integrate physical and mental health


HOPE’s Service Delivery Model

HOPE’s unique model of service delivery eliminates the role of a single individual managing someone’s recovery goals (a ‘Case Manager’) and focuses on a team approach to recovery. All HOPE Members are assigned Recovery Teams, which are assembled in collaboration with the Member and their Recovery Coordinator, to purposefully honor the Member’s preference of how they want their recovery to look and who they want involved.

Hope History

Welcome from HOPE CEO, Dan Haley

Welcome to HOPE’s new website! We’re excited to show you all of the new things that HOPE has to offer the behavioral health community in Arizona.

HOPE’s most unique quality is that we have always been, and always will be, 100% Peer- and Family-run. Everyone at HOPE has everyone employed at HOPE identifies as an individual who currently lives with or has lived with a mental health or substance abuse issue, or, has assisted a close family member or friend with the navigation of behavioral health or substance abuse challenges. If you’re interested in learning about HOPE’s rich peer support history, take a look at our timeline above.

HOPE also prides itself in saying “yes” to our community partners. HOPE has long-standing relationships with other likeminded organizations in Arizona, working towards eradicating stigma and creating an environment of empowerment for our Members. For more information about how HOPE impacts the community, click on the “Community Impact” tab on the navigation bar above.

If you find yourself moved by HOPE’s Mission, please click on our “Get Involved” tab to make a donation, volunteer or find out more about working for our organization.

- Dan Haley

Welcome from Member Advisor to the HOPE Board of Directors, Karen Thomas

On behalf of the HOPE members, I’d like to welcome you to HOPE’s new website. We are proud to have a voice in HOPE’s innovative peer-based model.

If you’re currently a HOPE Member, or if you’re looking to enroll in behavioral health services, click on the “Services” tab on the navigation bar above to find out more about what HOPE has to offer, and how to access those services. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, click the tab at the top of the screen that says “Make An Appointment.”

If you’re wondering about the latest HOPE news, or you would like to join us at an upcoming HOPE event, click on our “News and Events” tab above. Or, if you’re looking for resources about behavioral health or substance abuse recovery, click on the “Resources” tab.

And, if you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to call the Warm Line – 520.770-9909. A peer will be happy to take your call.

- Karen Thomas

The Hope Staff

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