Community Impact

HOPE is deeply committed to educating the Pima County community about the real-life experience of individuals living with mental health and substance abuse diagnoses, rather than relying on damaging stereotypes or stigma.

Contributing factors to mental health and substance abuse disorders:

  • Trauma

  • Poverty

  • Social Isolation

  • Criminal Involvement

  • Limited access to treatment resources

HOPE's Impact

HOPE's impact on both members and the community is through a comprehensive and innovative approach to:

Recovery - Members are empowered to make their own choices to define and reach their recovery.

Wellness - Persons with mental illness and/or substance use disorders often live shorter lives than the general population. This is in large part due to preventable conditions such as: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure (also called hypertension), cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases (including HIV), and illnesses related to tobacco use. HOPE strives to improve the physical health of its members by providing medical services alongside health and wellness education. Members are invited to participate in Stanford's Chronic Disease Self-Management workshop series as well as other classes devoted to teaching healthy living skills.

Integration - HOPE focuses on both the mental and physical health needs of its members through a unique model of Member Integrated Recovery. Members have the opportunity to set and work towards goals within four domains (Health, Home, Purpose, and Community) and have the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary teams of peer navigators who specialize in health and wellness, diversion, family support, young adult care, employment, substance abuse and housing.

HOPE is committed to working alongside members, their families and their natural supports to help individuals:

  • Achieve their recovery goals through a personalized combination of skill building, education, therapy and medical services.
  • Return to their desired level of participation in meaningful activities.
  • Overcome any contributing factors to mental illness and substance use.
  • Learn the skills necessary to live independently in the community.

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