This survey should take 7-12 minutes of your time.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to give us feedback on our new web site.  We suggest that before responding to this survey, you complete the following short exercise:

  1.  Take 1 minute to just check out the site..just click around and get a feel for the site, without any agenda or purpose.
  2.  Then take another minute to look specifically at the menu items as well as the links in the sidebar (on the right side of each page). This time, turn a critical eye to the structure of the site and the navigation bars links. During this short minute we ask you to also look specifially at the use of color and images on the site.
  3. Finally, think of two specific services, information or resources that you believe that HOPE offers. Then try to find these items on the web site.

That's it!  Ready to take the survey?

By the way, this survey is anonymous.  However at the end we ask if we could contact you by email in the event that we would like to follow up on your responses. Please do give us your email for this single purpose if you are so inclined.  Thanks again for your time.

Tell us about yourself

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship to HOPE.

The site's design

Now please tell us your impressions regarding the design of the site:  the use of color, space and images,

  • Very annoying
  • Annoying
  • No opinion
  • Pleasant
  • Very pleasant
  • Very busy
  • rather busy
  • OK
  • spacious
  • very spacious
  • Not enough pictures
  • Just right
  • Too many pictures
The site's structure

We would like to hear your feelings about the organization of the site and the navigational aspects.

  • Very confusing
  • Confusing
  • No Opinion
  • Clear
  • Very Clear
  • Very confusing
  • Confusing
  • No opinion
  • Makes sense
  • Makes perfect sense
  • It is difficult to find
  • No opinion
  • It it is easy to find
Your final thoughts

Please give us some final thoughts and opinions, as well as some specific recommendations that  you might wish to offer us.

  • Much worse
  • Worse
  • No opinion
  • Better
  • Much better
[OPTIONAL] How can we reach you?

This survey is anonymous.  However it would be very helpful is we could contact you to follow up on some of your responses.  If you are willing to make yourself available for this purpose, please let us know below.