Hope Services

HOPE’s services stretch across Pima County, to serve many different communities and populations in need. Click on the service categories below to find out more detailed information on availability and enrollment.

Behavioral Health Comprehensive Services

As a Peer and Family Member run Comprehensive Service Provider, HOPE has the ability to provide recovery oriented behavioral health and substance abuse services under one roof. Services include:

Therapy Services

HOPE’s therapeutic services are designed to meet the needs of each Member and are offered in a peer driven, recovery centered, holistic approach. Therapy services improve functioning, alleviate behavioral health symptoms and reduce or eliminate crisis situations. HOPE, Inc. offers specialized treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse.

Medical Services

Hope Inc. provides holistic behavioral medical services, which works with a Member’s medical and psychiatric needs while focusing on encouraging natural supports, health literacy education and managing chronic illness, while showing sensitivity to cultural preferences and maintaining coordination of care among all entities of an individual’s recovery.

Navigation Services

In traditional behavioral health services, Members are assigned to a “Case Manager” who is in charge of determining what services the member needs. At HOPE, Members are assigned Recovery Teams, which are assembled in collaboration with the Member and their Recovery Coordinator, to purposefully honor the Member’s preference of how they want their recovery to look and who they want involved. In addition, Members have access to peer navigators who specialize in the areas of housing, substance abuse, employment/education, family support, young adult care, health and wellness and diversion, to be a part of their recovery team.

Utilization Management/Crisis Team

The UM Department provides a vital link for our members who are in crisis to coordinate care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week between the in-patient teams at hospitals or the Crisis Response Center with the member’s ongoing outpatient treatment team. The UM/Crisis team provides discharge planning with wrap-around services for the member to be certain that when their crisis improves they have the support needed to be able to return to the community and find success in their recovery.

Nueva Luz Day Program

HOPE, Inc. offers a member-driven day program for people who are enrolled. The Nueva Luz Day Program is open 7 days a week and provides meals, laundry and shower facilities in a supportive, empowering and fun community environment. Members in this program are encouraged by Recovery Coaches to participate in therapy services, education and support groups, discussions on recovery topics and group activities designed to strengthen social skills. Together, participants learn new tools and information to support them in identifying and working toward recovery goals. Family support services are also available.

Interested in visiting HOPE for a tour or scheduling an intake? Call 520-770-1197 or stop by our location at 1200 N. Country Club.

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In-Home Services

What We Do

In-Home Recovery Coaches provide behavioral health care to Members with chronic illness and help them maintain requirements to stay enrolled in the behavioral health system. They also coordinate behavioral health treatment between the Member and the Member’s provider. In-Home staff provide opportunities for Members to work on goals they have set with their provider, and they provide referrals to other community programs for substance use, employment, health and wellness, diversion and family supports.

Who Qualifies?

  • Those with serious mental illness and general mental health concerns.
  • Please contact HOPE for eligibility. We accept a variety of health care plans.

How Do I Enroll?

  • To check eligibility and to enroll, please call (520) 770-1197.
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Supportive Peers As Navigators (SPAN)

What We Do

The SPAN team provides peer and family support services for individuals discharged from the Crisis Response Center (CRC) during their after-crisis care. Recovery Navigators offer assistance in discharge and recovery planning and offer family support services. These services can include identifying next steps such as transportation and housing, and connection to resources in our community.

Our Goals

  • To offer support and connection to resources in our community to people as an alternative to court-ordered evaluation and hospitalization for a mental health crisis
  • To promote person-centered recovery planning through peer support
  • To emphasize safe re-entry into the community for those experiencing crisis

Who Qualifies?

  • Residents of Pima County
  • Individuals in need of transition or re-entry services
  • Individuals and family members seeking peer support

How Do I Participate?

  • Call (520) 301-2249 or (520) 770-1197
  • At the Crisis Response Center, ask to speak to SPAN Staff
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Warm Line

What We Do

The Warm Line is a non-emergency phone line for anyone in Pima County who needs to talk. Our Peer Support Operators have first-hand experience living with mental illness or substance use —either through personal experience or the experience of a close family member. We answer from 8 AM — Midnight, 365 days a year. Do you need to talk? We’re here to listen.

Who Can Call?

  • Free to all residents of Pima County
  • Talk to a trained peer, someone who has experienced mental illness and/or addiction
  • Discuss life’s challenges, or anything you want to talk about
  • Find community resources and support

CALL THE WARM LINE AT (520) 770-9909

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Diversion Services

What We Do

Diversion Services is a peer-run team that supports individuals involved in the criminal justice system (primarily Pima County Adult Detention Center) to reintegrate into the community, meet court obligations, and navigate resources. We believe that peers – individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system themselves – can effectively establish trust and create rapport with those involved with the criminal justice system when they need it most – upon release. All of our Recovery Coaches have personal experience with recovery and re-entry and are here to offer support.

Who Can Participate?

  • Residents of Pima County
  • Individuals in need of transition or re-entry services
  • Individuals seeking peer support

Want more information?

  • Call (520) 495-4599 or (520) 770-1197
  • At the Adult Detention Center, ask to speak to HOPE Staff
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Recovery Coach Academy

Do you identify as a peer – someone who is, or has been, a recipient of behavioral health services and has a recovery story to share? Would you like to pursue a career coaching others in recovery?

Become a Certified Recovery Coach Specialist (CRCS)

What We Do

HOPE, Inc. offers a five-day training to certify peers for recovery support positions in behavioral health settings in the State of Arizona.  All elements of the training are designed and delivered by peers.  Participants in this training come from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, which brings a depth and diversity to the group learning experience. Participants who complete the training and become certified have access to additional programming and ongoing support.

Who Can Participate 

  • The Academy is free to individuals currently receiving behavioral health services with any Comprehensive Service Provider (CSP) within the CPSA system (Must have a referral from their CSP).
  • There is limited availability for general community members and employees of Behavioral Health agencies, who are not currently enrolled with a CSP, to participate in the training with payment of a fee.
  • All those interested must submit an application to be considered.

How to Apply

To apply, you must submit a completed application. Applications, submission and referral instructions, and fee information are available by clicking the “Resources” tab at the top of this page, and scroll down to the “Training Information” section. You can also find that information at the HOPE Reception Desk.


You can also call 520-770-1197 or email us at info@hopetucson.org for more information.

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HOPE, Inc. Yuma Location

HOPE, Inc. is opening a location in Yuma, AZ, where we will be offering the following behavioral health services:

  • A robust Therapeutic Day Program, including meals
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Support and Rehabilitation Services
  • Peer Support


HOPE, Inc. Yuma is currently scheduled to open on March 15, 2015, at 201 S. 1st Avenue, (corner of 1st Ave. and 2nd St.) in Yuma, AZ.


To receive updates, please join our Email List by clicking here.


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